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Are you fond of farting jokes and games? If yes, you will surely get thrilled by the funny Farting Dot game based on fart sounds. Play the game and get the real feel of funny fart sounds. In this farting dot game with funny fart sounds, you need to guess the number of fart sounds you hear when you click the fart dot.

Send us your count, and we will tell you the correct answer through mail. We also tell you what others have guessed.

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Farting Activity

The farting activity produces fart sounds that vary depending on the biological state of the farter. Based on the fart sound produced, farts can be of various types. Some common farts are:

  • Squeaky Fart: It sounds like wheeeeeeeek
  • Beefy Fart: It sounds very loud and is most embarrassing
  • Gun shot Fart: It sounds like a gunshot
  • And many more

Though very disgusting, but you really enjoy fart sounds when they are part of fart sounds based games, farting sound video clips, or animated farting jokes. We always welcome your suggestions at Dot Fart Farting Suggestions. Give a comment NOW!

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Fart Jokes

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